What Is Greeniche Doing to Fight Covid-19?

The saying, “many hands make light work” has become apparent than ever – for more than just individuals. As a business, Greeniche hopes that the choices we make as a company can help in the battle against Covid-19. As the situation intensified over the past few weeks, we decided to intensify what we are doing to help.

Staying Positive, Together

First and foremost, the team at Greeniche wants to promote optimism anywhere we can. Though this quarantine is not to be taken lightly, we believe it is important to stay positive in this time. To do this, we want to remind everyone across Canada how well we are doing in our fight against Covid-19. It is all too easy to become focused on the number of cases, and where the cases are happening. Remember, though, that the number of recoveries is rising across Canada as well.

A woman staying positive while inside her home.

This is why Greeniche has set up a page reminding Canadians that “Together, We Are Winning”. Our team has taken the time to collect the data on confirmed cases and recoveries across the country. Rather than focus on the number of cases, we want to remind everyone that, currently, 22% of all Canadian cases have recovered. We will be updating this page daily with the newest statistics so you can follow along. It may be a frightening time, but together we can do this. 

Immune System Boosting Supplements

At the moment, there is no cure or way to protect yourself from Covid-19 aside from physical distancing. That being said, boosting your immunity can protect your body from other illnesses that would put you at greater risk. Additionally, protecting yourself from other illnesses decreases the likelihood of having to use the healthcare system. Your body may not be able to resist Covid-19, but it can resist the seasonal flu, colds, and other illnesses. Flattening the curve depends on more than just fighting Covid-19.

A woman holding a supplement in her hand.

This is why we Greeniche is currently offering 20% off everything in our store, including our immunity boosting supplements. This includes our Moringa Oleifera Powder and Tablets, Boncare Powder, Vitamin D capsules, and Coenzyme Q10. 

If you’re interested in our immunity boosting supplements, or any other natural supplement Greeniche offers, visit our shop page. The 20% discount applies to every product in the Greeniche store, including our stevias, multivitamins, and CuraTeas.

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Free Canada/US Shipping on Supplements

Supplements are an important part of the daily routine for thousands of people across the world. With all the precautionary closures, though, supplements may be more difficult for many to get. Our passion for life pushes us to find solutions to problems like this so we can help everyone, everywhere. This is why we have made shipping on all of our products completely free across both Canada and America.

Shipping boxes full of supplements.

We would like to ask for your patience when shipping your order, especially if it is within America. Both Greeniche and the postal services we use are operating with reduced staff, and cross-border shipments may take more time.

We may not be your normal brand of supplements, but we hope that we can supplement your supplements if necessary! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive!

Free Shipping On All Products!


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