Vegan Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

No matter how hard you try, refined sugar can appear in the places you least suspect. Foods like granola bars and drinks like fruit juices contain high levels of refined sugars. When trying to eat a healthier diet, though, these are some of the first foods someone will look for. The reality is that refined sugar can be found in many common snack foods, “healthy” or unhealthy.

When looking for a truly healthy snack, it is important to look at nutritional values. Many “healthy” snacks are simply low in fat or sugars. Their fiber, protein, and mineral values tend to be low as well, though. While these snacks aren’t as bad as chips or baked goods, they do not offer much. Maintaining an ideal level of nutritional intake is important, and dates do just that.

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Delicious and Healthy Alternative to Snack Foods

A bowl of dates sitting on a counter.

These date-based bars have swapped excess sugars, fats, and carbs for antioxidants, dietary fiber, and magnesium. Dates are rich in these three qualities, and are often considered to be one of the healthiest substitutes in baking. They are rich in natural sugars, making them a great replacement for granulated sugar. Dates are also very sticky in texture, making them a perfect binding agent. Their texture lends well to smooth, soft dishes – like brownies!

Without the excess sugars, fats, and carbs, these brownie energy bars are a truly healthy snack. The high nutritional value gives your body plenty of energy to get you through the day, naturally. Additionally, the natural fats and high protein content of the bars provide your body with a slow-burning energy source. Without the refined sugar, these bars keep you safe from sugar crashes halfway through your day.

All Vegan Brownie Recipe

Even better, this delicious dessert is an all-natural vegan recipe! By replacing the eggs and butter normally in brownie recipes, these energy bars are perfect for nearly any diet. We wanted to make this recipe as approachable as possible. No special vegan butters or vegan eggs (yes, those are real) that cost a fortune and are hard to find. We wanted to make sure this recipe was made with ingredients you’re familiar with. If you’re considering going vegan, this is a great way to try vegan baking without a huge investment!

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With this recipe, it’s even easy to get your kids to eat healthier. Greeniche’s Chocolate Choice Flavorall gives these date-based bars a chocolatey taste that may even fool you – and you made them! Flavorall uses stevia as an all-natural sweetener, so you can feel confident about using it in your baking. Forget using refined sugars or chemical sweeteners – you want the best for your child. It’s time you started sweetening in a way you can feel confident about.

A plate of Cherry FlavorAll Vegan Brownie Energy Bars on a plate with cherries interspersed.

If you love the taste of these brownie energy bars, try mixing in some of Greeniche’s other Flavorall flavours! We think Cherry Cherish, Marvelous Mint, and Radiant Raspberry would go well with this recipe! If you want to get a little wild, we even have Banana Brilliance and Creamy Caramel. Let us know how you made this recipe your own, and maybe we will feature you on the Greeniche Instagram!

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Greeniche Vegan Brownie Energy Bar Recipe


  • Food Processor / Blender
  • Large Bowl
  • 8×8 Baking Dish
  • Spatula / Spoon


  • 1 ½ Cups Pitted whole dates
  • 1 Cup warm water
  • ¼ Cup finely chopped walnuts
  • ¼ Cup finely chopped almonds
  • ¼ Cup shredded coconut
  • ¼ Cup chopped vegan chocolate chips
  • 1 Teaspoon Chocolate Choice Flavorall
  • Optional : ½ Teaspoon of Cherry Cherish Flavorall


  1. Place 1 ½ cups dates in a large bowl with 1 cup warm water and allow to sit for 10 minutes. In the meantime, chop walnuts, almonds, and vegan chocolate chips. Keep chocolate chips aside for later.
  2. Drain dates and place in a food processor along with finely chopped walnuts and almonds. Pulse until the mixture has reached paste-like consistency. Add 1 teaspoon of Chocolate Choice Flavorall and pulse to combine.
  3. Pour mixture from the food processor back into the large bowl that held the dates. Mix in chopped vegan chocolate chips and shredded coconut until well combined. 
  4. Pour mixture into 8×8 baking pan and smooth with spatula or spoon. Place mixture in the fridge or freezer for at least two hours before serving. 


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