Our vegan herbal formula relieves osteoarthritis joint pain and supports healthy joint and cartilage development.

Rest assured that winter is coming! If you are one of many people suffering from osteoarthritis, your body will let you know when, or if, it’s here. How many times have your joints alerted you to a bad storm or bone-chilling cold by flaring up with pain and stiffness? You literally feel the season in your bones.


Cold weather can make it especially difficult to do seasonal yard chores like raking leaves, clearing gardens and putting patio furniture away. Then there’s closing up trailers or cottages for the winter, which involves a lot of moving, lifting, climbing, and reaching.


At Greeniche, we’re well aware of these challenges that particularly afflict women over 50. And we’re here to help you overcome them because we know that…

Winter doesn’t have to be the season of your discontent!

At Greeniche, our wellness experts advise staying warm during the winter months. Dressing in layers can actually provide more warmth than a single heavy item. When you warm up a sore joint or tired muscle, your blood vessels get bigger. This increases blood flow, which delivers more oxygen nutrients to injured tissues to ease pain, and relaxes muscles to reduce stiffness.

We also recommend staying active. Physical activity helps ease pain, increase strength and flexibility, and boost energy. Exercise can be challenging for many people with osteoarthritis, who suffer from pain and fatigue. But even gentle range-of-motion exercises can be helpful.


To further support you in managing your osteoarthritis pain during colder weather, we’ve developed a unique herbal Joints Health Formula. It combines three natural ingredients that not only help reduce osteoarthritis discomfort, but also play an important role in restoring joint cartilage to reduce painful symptoms.

Natural medicinal ingredients

The healing properties of the natural ingredients in our Joints Health Formula are confirmed by rigorous scientific research. They include:

  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride (no shellfish!): An essential ingredient required to maintain healthy joints
  • Devil’s Claw: A natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Hyaluronic Acid, for:
    • Lubricating and cushioning cartilage
    • Managing inflammation
    • Preventing cartilage breakdown

Good news for vegans!

Unlike most other supplements, which derive their ingredients from shellfish, Greeniche Joints Health Formula contains no shellfish. It’s completely vegan.

Good news for travellers!

If you’re off to the southern US or other warm destinations this winter, and prefer to travel with supplements in your baggage rather than prescription drugs, our Joints Health Formula may be just the answer!


Click here to order your Joints Health Formula now – and enjoy the healing properties of natural ingredients.


If you’d like to learn more about how our Joints Health Formula reduces joint pain and inflammation, email us at


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