The Greeniche Guide To Working From Home

At Greeniche, we are doing everything we can to help support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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It is a challenging time for everyone and adjusting can be difficult, especially if working from home isn’t the ideal working environment for you. With millions of Canadians now working from home as a result of the pandemic, creating a comfortable and effective working environment is crucial. We’ve created this guide to help you through the challenges of working remotely. 

Read on for tips on setting up an effective, ergonomic, and distraction free workspace, as well as tips for healthy practices while working from home.

How to Create An Ergonomic Workspace

How to Stay Focused While Working From Home

Healthy Eating & Wellness When Working From Home

How Greeniche Can Help You Stay Healthy From Home

How to Create An Ergonomic Workspace

Creating an ergonomic home set-up is essential for your overall health and well-being, especially if you are doing a lot of typing and computer work. Consider investing in ergonomic equipment for your home office space if you will be working from home indefinitely. If you can’t get ergonomic equipment, there are other ways to improve your at-home ergonomics. 

Ergonomic Tips For Working From Home

WOrking from home on a laptop

Make sure if you are using a laptop, that you have it set up properly. Laptops force you to hunch over, causing back, shoulder, and neck pain. You should always have your back aligned and your neck and head facing straight ahead, and not angled downward. 

Your line of sight should meet the top of your computer screen. Having a monitor or laptop stand and a keyboard is the best option. Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle and your wrists should be straight.

Take a break!

Avoid eye strain by taking breaks from your screen every 20 minutes and look out at the horizon or something 20 feet away. Take frequent breaks from your work to ensure productivity, mental well-being, and positive overall work performance. 

Are you working from your couch? Quit it!

Although it can be comfortable at first, using your couch as a workstation can cause muscle soreness and discomfort after a full day of working from home. Instead, sit at a table, desk or try alternating to standing on an anti-fatigue mat. 

Woman working from home on the couch

Ensure your back curvature fits with the curvature of your office chair if you have one. If you don’t, try placing a firm pillow or towel under your seat. Also, make sure your feet are not dangling or crossed. Having your thighs parallel to the floor and your hips higher than your knees can reduce stress on your lumbar spine.

The ergonomic set-up of your space while working from home is essential for your overall health and well-being. Practicing proper ergonomics will help prevent pain and fatigue, daily and in the long term.

How to Stay Focused While Working From Home

Prioritize for Productivity

Casual young businessman organizing his schedule at his desk in his office

Figure out the times of day you work best and use this information to help you prioritize your tasks. Additionally, use a list to prioritize and organize your tasks to help keep you on track. At the end of each day, write out what you accomplished and what you need to do the following day. This will help you bring the day to an end and prepare you for the next morning. 

Stick to a Schedule

Continue to stick to your work schedule, taking your lunch break and additional breaks like you would at work. Make sure others around you know you are working and are unavailable to talk or socialize. If you have kids around, this can be a challenge. Set up activities and screen time to keep them busy. Keep other distractions like social media, away from you and your work space.

Healthy Eating & Wellness When Working From Home

Staying Active

Getting up to stretch or just take a mental break can be extremely helpful for your focus and productivity. Be sure to get some activity in your day to prevent muscle pain and fatigue. Scheduling time in your day for physical activity is a great way to ensure you get moving while working from home. 

Eating Well While Working From Home

Making sure you have scheduled time to eat will ensure you don’t work through your lunch. Take advantage of your kitchen and create some healthy, warm meals while at home. Check out our blog page for healthy recipes that incorporate superfoods and sugar-free alternatives.

You can also take advantage of our Lockdown Lovin’ cookbook with amazing sugar-free recipes using Greeniche Flavourall. 

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How Greeniche Can Help You Stay Healthy From Home

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