Chinese Face Mapping: Your face tells it all!

Traditional Chinese Face Mapping says that your face gives insight into your mind, body, and soul. It’s true! Haven’t we all heard people saying – your eyes look tired, you look healthy? As per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), everything in our body is interconnected. Each time we experience issues like toxin accumulation, hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders, immune system problems, digestive issues etc., we are likely to experience acne in the corresponding area of our face. 

Even though it is sometimes difficult to understand, the underlying truth is that our exterior bodily appearance is connected to our internal body. And you know what, this isn’t new. TCM has sought that our body, like nature, works on the fundamental law of Cause and Effect – Everything is Connected!

 “Acne is a skin condition wherein excess production of sebum (oil) from the sebaceous glands leads to the blockage of pores. Acne mostly affects the facial skin, back, and other densely populated areas with sebaceous glands. Acne presents either as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or nodules.” – The Tribe Concepts

Let’s see how we can decode acne using the Chinese Face Mapping technique!

Forehead Acne – Bladder, Kidney & Intestines

Breakouts on the forehead can be linked to irregular sleep patterns, digestive problems, and stress. Also, sweating at the gym and greasy hair can also cause forehead acne. While acne on the corners of the forehead indicates health issues related to Kidney & Bladder System. Breakouts on either side of the forehead are signally severe dehydration in your body. It can also occur due to excessive salt intake. Try swapping table salt for sea salt and increase water intake to see a visible difference.

Acne between the brows - Liver, Stomach

Breakouts between your eyebrows usually pop up due to excessive greasy foods or alcohol consumption. The best way to deal with this kind of acne is to reduce your dairy intake and cut back on cocktails.

Acne around the Nose – Heart

Acne on the nose occurs due to blood pressure or cholesterol problems. If you regularly notice acne on the nose, it is best to check with a doctor and discuss the root cause. 

Cheek acne – Respiratory System & Liver (Most common type)

The leading cause of cheek acne is excessive smoking and exposure to high pollution. However, acne on your right cheek might point towards lung-related issues, and acne on the left cheek signals overeating, over-indulging in junk foods and low water intake. Quite often, acne on cheeks can get worse due to dirty pillowcases and phones. To avoid acne on the cheeks, make sure to change your pillow covers and disinfect your phone screen regularly.

Acne on Chin – Stomach & Kidney

If you notice significant breakouts in your chin area, it is a clear sign that your stomach and kidneys aren’t functioning to their best possible capability. Hormonal imbalance is another common cause of chin acne. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, keep your body well hydrated and avoid greasy foods for some time to prevent breakouts on the chin.


It is challenging to cope with the constant stress, create a work-life balance, and incorporate healthy lifestyle habits in our day-to-day lives in these modern times. We need a holistic approach towards a healthy body and a relaxed mind. 


Watch Katie Stewart, Acne Nutritionist, talk about acne causes and tips for its prevention. She says that her purpose is to educate women about their bodies and how to deal with acne: Full Episode


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