Can Red Clover Pause Menopause?

Red clover, or trifolium pratense, is a rather common flower with some incredible properties. It is the state flower of Vermont, and has been introduced in habitats across the world. Most importantly, it could help fight the symptoms of menopause. These symptoms are uncomfortable – plain and simple. Hot flashes, bladder problems, and mental exhaustion can make any day bad, and any bad day worse. Many women are under informed about menopause, though. Without understanding this period in life properly, women are unaware of the ways they can find relief. Menopause is an inevitable stage in life where a woman no longer has any functioning eggs available in her ovaries. By understanding the science behind menopause, though, the benefits of red clover become obvious.

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How do symptoms of menopause arise?

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FSH, or follicle-stimulating hormone, is a hormone produced in women to help the production of egg cells. As a woman matures, egg cells gradually become more and more resistant to FSH. As these egg cells become resistant, the ovaries that house the egg cells slow down their production of estrogen. This is where menopause symptoms begin to arise.

Estrogen is commonly seen as the basic “female hormone”. In reality, estrogen interacts with the body in a variety of ways. The blood vessels, urinary system, breasts, skin, and brain are all affected by estrogen in the body. Many of the most common menopausal symptoms originate from these areas. The simple solution for this is to take estrogen supplements.

Cost of estrogen supplements vs Red clover

Estrogen supplements, and estrogen replacement therapy (ERT), are common ways of counteracting symptoms of menopause. The most common and affordable method of providing estrogen is through estrogen pills. The issue arises with the cost, as many of these supplements charge over $100 dollars despite being the “most affordable”. Pharmaceutical companies commonly increase the prices of their medications by ridiculous amounts to increase their profits.

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Red clover, on the other hand, is a common natural supplement that costs under $10 in most stores. Most red clover supplements are sold by health food providers, like Greeniche, who are more invested in their customer’s wellbeing. These supplements are a much more affordable option that could provide similar results to the overpriced estrogen pills. 

How can red clover help menopause symptoms?

While red clover may not contain estrogen, it does contain a high amount of the organic compound coumestrol. Coumestrol is a phytoestrogen, or a compound that mimics the natural processes of estrogen. It functions in a way similar to estradiol, a hormone used in menopausal hormone therapy and produced during puberty. Red clover is the most significant source of coumestrol, containing 1322mg in every 100g of clover. Coumestrol functions by providing phytoestrogen to the areas of the body no longer receiving estrogen, easing symptoms. Red clover has even shown positive results in medical studies on menopausal women.  

Is red clover the only way to ease symptoms of menopause?

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Red clover is one of many natural methods of easing the symptoms of menopause. Though red clover is the most dominant, other natural remedies include maca, black cohosh, and chaste tree. Though Nopause costs more than other supplements, it contains every one of these ingredients. Greeniche’s Nopause formula utilizes the best of nature to ease any distress menopause can cause.

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