Avoid Gaining Weight This Winter With These 4 Tricks

Weight loss is the most searched topic on the Internet, and with good reason. While we as a race have progressed to no more famine and lack of food, we have now encountered the challenge of weight-gain. A key factor may be the easy availability of junk food. Today let’s look at how you can avoid gaining weight this winter with four tricks that work!

1. Restrict Eating To Specific Timing

Eating food was always meant to be done at specific times. That is why terms like ‘Breakfast’ to depict breaking fast after a long night was coined.  Scientific research now leans towards eating a heavy meal in daylight and either fasting or eating a light supper in the evening. 


Another concept, which has gained fame, is the concept of ‘Intermittent Fasting’. In this fasting, a person can choose to fast for a specific number of hours and eat in the open window time. This is easily done if one eats meals during daytime and for the nighttime eats a light meal. As you will most probably sleep at night, your body does not need that many calories. This fasting concept is flexible and you can choose to fast for 16:8 ratio or more. This would entail you fast for 16 hours and eat in 8 hours. Liquids like water, herbal teas and black coffee are acceptable for consumption during the fasting period. 


As winter approaches, to avoid weight gain, you can also follow the daylight to determine your fasting pattern. Restricting calories in the nighttime will help you control yourself from binge eating and weight gain. 

2. Plan What You Eat

The lifestyle we lead today has made all of us great planners and multi-taskers. At any given time, we wear more than one hat and can juggle work, home, family and more. In all this planning we account for time, money, and related resources. For households with all working members, even the task of what to wear for the week is planned out on the weekend. 

However, among all of this, we miss on the most important planning task; Meal Planning. 


This winter, if you intend to avoid weight gain and also improve your body’s nutrition, you should not eat what is available. Rather, you should focus on what you will eat to improve your weekly body nutrition. This will also allow you to enjoy a ‘cheat meal’, which may be junk food but is forgivable if eaten once a week. 


To get started with Meal Planning: 


  • Start with a piece of paper and draw a table with the 7 days of the week. List down what you plan to eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the whole week. The days you want to enjoy a heavy dinner lighten your lunch. The day you want to enjoy that lunch with friends, lighten your other meals.
  • Also, review your week periodically. A sudden change in plan should not baffle you. Meal planning is adaptable and adjustable. Feel free to exchange specific days as how your week progresses. 
  • Once you have listed your meals for the week, go back and start adding fruits and vegetables. You may find you can convert your lunches to ‘on-the-go’ meals very easily. 
  • One of my favorite thing to do everyday in the morning is to prepare a huge platter of fruits and vegetables sliced and chopped for easy picking for my family of 5. I include celery, red peppers, orange wedges, grapes, almonds, and much more. Anything freshly grown is fair game for this platter. This way everyone fills up their lunch box with these snacks for school and work. On the weekend, I leave this platter on the kitchen counter for anyone to snack on them, rather than reaching for chips or cookies. 
  • You can also cut up fruit and vegetables and store it in a sealed box in the fridge. Make sure you dry your produce before you cut it up. Some items you can store easily for consumption within the week are sliced cucumbers, lettuce leaves, carrot sticks, whole raspberries, celery sticks, green beans, orange wedges and much more.  

Once you have completed your meal plan, review it for any missing nutrient as per the USDA published Food Pyramid. This guideline helps you understand how much of a specific food type should be consumed in your daily diet. You will see that processed food is the most restricted in this table. This is indeed an eye-opener in understanding what your body actually needs. 


Stick to this Meal Planning habit, and soon you will see that you will not only eat better, but also will feel great! Your body will be receiving the right nutrients and will not gain weight. 


Another bonus of this practice is that you will find that you will save money for your eating expenses. 

3. Get Moving

Blame it on the cold or the lack of daylight; our bodies crave rest when winter comes around. 


The idea of snuggling in our blanket and not moving seems very appealing when it starts to snow. Doing this ‘lazing’ occasionally is ok. However, if it becomes a lifestyle due to your geographical location, then it is an issue. People living in the northern hemisphere get more snow and less daylight, as compared to places closer to the equator. While you may be eating the same year around, if you have become more sedentary due to the winter, your body will not have the avenue to burn calories and resultantly you will gain weight.


The best thing is to join an in-class or online exercise routine, which is scheduled just for the winter. You will be forced to get up and get moving. 


Another very popular concept in countries like Canada is ‘Mall-walking’ where the local authorities allow malls to open the building early in the morning. The shops do not open, so you will not encounter any shopper’s crowd. I have tried this a few times in winter and am always happy to see many people walking and jogging in the mall in the early hours of the day. This is a free activity to do. 


I have found that even counting steps can be a huge motivator. You do not necessarily need an expensive high-tech step counter. Even a basic step counter, which you can clip on your shirt from the Dollar store, will give you a decent read. 


Making these small changes will surely help you stay within your weight goal and not gain any more weight for the winter. 

4. Consider Supplementary Tools To Support Weight Maintenance

When winter comes around, we shift towards hot beverages like hot chocolate, coffee, teas and Chai. While it is good that we consume more liquid to combat the dry winters, the addition of sugar to these beverages somehow causes more harm than benefit. Make small changes in your diet by replacing daily consumption items like sugar with good quality Greeniche Stevia. This will help you keep your calories in check, and help you maintain your weight during the winter. 


Another food item that we seek in winter is soup. Again, consuming warm soup is good; the accompanying consumption of bread can cause you to eat more carbs than what your body needs. As discussed before, meal-plan to control such carb intakes. 


Another helpful addition would be to add Greeniche VegaSlim to your daily supplements intake. This will help your body to process carbs while boosting the metabolic process. Remember; always consult with your Family Doctor before you consume any new supplement. 


Lastly, while coffee and chai is good in moderation, consider herbal teas as a replacement. Greeniche offers teas like Curatea Digestion, and Curatea Detox as afternoon and evening beverages of choice to help you maintain your weight.


Here you go, four simple yet effective tricks to help you avoid gaining weight this winter. Which one will you try? 



About Author

Qurratulain Sikander, writes about mental and physical well being on her blog Quezzlifestyle. She has studied Nutrition, Psychology, Business and Marketing. However, it’s the years of trial and error, and multiple successes using her knowledge to overcome weight concerns, fertility issues, immigration, job- loss, parenting and mental health, that has fired her passion to write for Greeniche.com


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